Terms and conditions of participation in the NMDF Convention 2019

1. General terms and conditions
a. The general terms and conditions are hereby set for NMDF 2019 event (hereinafter referred as „NMDF”), which will take place in Athens, Greece from 1st to 3rd of March, 2019.
b. The NMDF event and all related services offered under the concluded agreements will be executed at OAKA / "Kassimatis" area , Greece, Kifisias 37, Athens 151 23.
c. Terms and Conditions define the rights and obligations of the NMDF participants and organizers
d. To become a participant in the NMDF event (in further sections referred to as "Participant") one must purchase services offered by the organizers:
- Dance workshops (hereinafter: „Workshops”) are understood as dance classes, which are
available to people who bought ticket packages named "Full Access”, „1 Day pass”, „1 Class access".
Workshops packages mentioned above DO NOT INCLUDE ACCOMMODATION, NOR MEALS, nor transport to the venue and back. The Organizer provides Participants participation in dance workshops (number of workshops related to a purchased package) and evening events in a range specified on www.nmdfconvention.com website.
e. Submitting the registration form is a declaration of intention to conclude the Sales Agreement, in accordance with the website general Terms and Condition and these Terms and Conditions of participation in the NMDF Convention.
f. After placing order, the Participant receives an e-mail with the final confirmation of all the essential elements of the Order.
g.The above referred e-mail message will be send from an address of following web domain: ...@nmdfconvention.com
h. Agreement shall be treated as concluded from the moment the Participant receives the e-mail referred to above. The organizers however are not responsible for message delivery failure, caused by any blocking software or on-line service being used by the Participant.
i. The agreement is for a fixed period and shall be terminated as soon as the Participant receives the benefit of the package.
j.The sales agreement is in English.

2. Conclusion of the agreement
Α.The participation agreement in NMDF Convention is concluded when the following requirements are fulfilled:
(1) The Participant has read and understand the offer together with the Terms and Conditions of participation at NMDF Convention Privacy Policy, www.nmdfconvention.com
Terms and Conditions of the website, and what is written below.
(2) The Participant has chosen preferred currency and selected the package by checking the appropriate box in the „Registration" section available at www.nmdfconvention.com.
(3) The Participant has filled in and submitted the electronic application form containing personal data of the Participant. The Agreement: Application of Participation can be signed only by the legal entity or physical person, who has the appropriate legal capacity. In the event of signing the agreement by a person with limited legal capacity, it is vital that the agreement is confirmed by the legal representative. Only the Participant who applied for the reservation is entitled to make changes to the agreement or
declaration of resignation from the event. In the case of underage Participant, form should be completed by a parent or legal guardian.
(4) The Participant has accepted the documents mentioned in point (1) above and consented to the processing of personal data.

3. Payment
a. The NMDF Organizers provide the possibility of buying a package in one currencie: Euro (EUR). Prices are detailed in the offer at www.nmdfconvention.com. Prices include all components, including VAT and the customs duty.
b. There are two methods of payment available:
- Card payment through Paypal
- Card payment through Payoneer
c. The transfers without the above description shall not be honored by the NMDF Organizers.
d. NMDF Organizers are not responsible for any extra costs, currency differences nor bank provisions deducted during the bank transfer. During the registration process, only the actual, final amount credited on the recipient's bank account will be honored.

4. Cancellation of the event by the Participant
a. In the event of their resignation, the Participant should immediately notify the NMDF Organizers and deliver their written statement to the following email address: info@nmdfconvention.com.
b. In the event of the Participant’s resignation, the Workshop Organizer reserve the right to deduct the charges which amount to the Organizer’s inferred costs, up to the day the resignation from the participation in the workshop is submitted by the Participant. The average deductions of the charges are as follows:
- over 21 days prior to the date of the NMDF event - the equivalent of 50% of the event price
- 20 - 14 days prior to the date of the workshop - the equivalent of 60% of the event price
- under 14 days prior to the date of the workshop - the equivalent of 90% of the event price
c. The costs of resignation are not charged, if, at the time of Participant’s resignation – not later than 3 days prior to the NMDF event – the Participant appoints a person who shall comply with all the terms and conditions of the participation in the NMDF event, to whom the Participant transfers all the rights and responsibilities resulting from the contracted agreement.

5. Insurance
a. By sending a signed Application Form Participant declares that the state of his health allows for the participation in workshops, in the case of illness during the event releases the doctors treating him at home and abroad with the duty of confidentiality of medical terms and the Insurer agrees to provide his medical records.
b. Camp Organizer provides all Camp Participants the Accident Insurance by the OAKA Stadium.
c. The Camp Participant has the right and duty before leaving familiar himself/herself with the relevant General Conditions of Insurance (GTC).

6. Responsibility of the Parties. Complaints. Replacement benefits.
a. The Camp Organizer and Workshops Organizer are jointly and severally responsible for the Workshops and its’ accordance with the offer, the agreed quality and the standard of the offered services. In the event of discrepancies between the actual situation and the offer, the Participant is obliged to immediately inform the NMDF Organizers' representative in order to enable them to repair the fault. The occurrence of faults cannot constitute the basis of a complaint if the repair will take place without delay. If the fault is not removed, the Participant should report that fact in writing to the NMDF Organizers' representative at the time of the event or by sending the email to the following email address: info@nmdfconvention.com
b. As a result of the artistic nature of the realized services, NMDF Organizers reserve the right to change the dates and times of the dance classes and accompanying events, changing their order and changing artists / teachers conducting classes or performing during the event at any time, prior to, or during the NMDF event. The above-mentioned changes are not the basis of the complaint or of termination of the Sales Agreement concluded between NMDF Organizers and Participant.
c. The basis for the partial refund is lodging a complaint. Any complaints on the services shall be made in writing and sent by registered mail to the address of the Workshops Organizer (depending on which was a part of Sales Agreement) not later than 30 days from the date of the end of the NMDF event. A complaint properly lodged will be responded to by the NMDF Organizer in writing as soon as possible but not later than within 30 days of its receipt.
d. If the provision of services, which constitute a vital part of the programme, is not possible, the NMDF Organizers shall, without burdening the Participant with additional costs, provide accurate replacement services within the framework of this event, which is possible to provide within the framework of a particular event. If the quality of the replacement services, referred to in the preceding sentence, is lower than the quality of the services specified in the programme of the event, the Participant may require a reduction in the fixed package price. The NMDF Organizers are not liable for damages if they offer replacement services of at least equivalent standard and value and the Participant does not accept the offered services without any justification.
e. From the beginning of the NMDF event the Participant is obliged to take instructions from the NMDF Organizers' representatives concerning realization of the Workshops programme.
f. The Participant shall be liable to the NMDF Organisers, their Representatives, and persons with whom the NMDF Organizers execute the contract for the material damage caused during their stay.
g. The NMDF Organizers reserve the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, without any financial consequences on the part of any of the NMDF Organizers, with a Participant who significantly violated or persistently violates the established schedule of the NMDF event, or threatens to prevent the established schedule from its realization or other Participants from the normal use of the services.
h. NMDF Organizers are not responsible for luggage or other property theft or damage, especially those caused by Participant’s negligence.

7. Rules for participation in dance workshops (also called „Workshops Regulations”)
a. Workshops Participant are obligated to follow these Workshops Regulations.
b. The application of participation in the Workshops is tantamount to read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions as well as the Workshops Regulations.
c. The Participant has the duty to obey the Workshops Organizer’s, the Instructors and the Venue’s personnel‘s commands.
d. Suitable pass or armband is required in order to enter every dance workshops.
e. Passes/wristbands are personal - their resale or transfer to other people without NMDF Organizer’s permission is forbidden and will cause cancellation of the pass / band.
f. Workshops Organizer’s representatives have the right to check Participant’s ID document to verify the ownership of a pass/band.
g. NMDF Organizers have the right to limit the number of people on the dance room. In such case entrance priority is reserved for FULL ACCESS package Participants. Participants who will not be let into the dance room have the right to use their pass for other workshop from NMDF offer.
h. Bringing or consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking and possession of psychotropic substances through the whole duration of the workshop is prohibited.
i. The Organizer has the right to delete the Participant from the list of the workshop Participants without the refund of the paid fees, if the Participant disturbs the course of the workshop and/or fail to comply with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.
j. Bringing food to the dance hall is prohibited.
k. Video recording, audio recording and taking photographs of the classes without the Organizer’s consent is prohibited.
l. Application for participation in the Workshop is tantamount to agreeing to a free and irrevocable use for marketing purposes by the Workshops Organizer and the entities cooperating with the organizer (in particular the sponsors) photos and video materials containing the image of the participant. The agreement covers the use, preservation and reproduction of pictures and videos through any medium for any purpose consistent with applicable law, including publication in newspapers, magazines, periodic, catalogues, electronic publications, websites, exhibitions, competitions, TV, and outdoor advertisements. At the same time Participant agrees to waive the rights related to the approval of every use of photographs and videos of his/her image.